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Enjoy sparkling clean windows for longer with our advanced washing methods

Domestic Window Cleaning

Bedford Window Cleaning does not have a “One-Size” fits all approach, we tailor the cleaning to suit the customer’s needs, we understand that not everyone wants a window cleaner that just visits your area whenever it suits them. We offer our cleaning services on a regular basis at a frequency that suits you.

We have an advanced scheduling system called Jobber that we use to plan all of our visits, when you request a quote through our website it comes directly into Jobber and then is assigned to one of our team who will provide you with a quote.

Pricing depends on the size of and access to the property.

You will receive your quote via email, and if you decide to go ahead you approve it straight away by clicking the link or if you need to make changes we will be happy to assist.

Once you’re happy with our quote all that is left is for us to get that first visit booked in, once we have converted your work request to a job, we will contact you via Phone, Text or Email, to arrange when is best to visit.

Regular Service

    • If you choose to arrange a regular service with us you can choose the frequency at which we visit, we offer our service on a 4, 6 or 8 weekly basis.
    • We do not charge extra for our first visit for regular customers unless the windows are in significant neglect.
    • Our regular service runs like clockwork, once you set the frequency at which you want us to visit, our scheduling system notifies us when you're next due and you receive an automated email & text 1 day prior to our visit, with a link to confirm access. If there are any concerns about the visit or you need to re-schedule due to access issues to another day in the week please email us.
    • If you decide to skip/postpone a clean please be aware that if the visits extends longer than 8 weeks between cleans then we may need to charge a one-off clean price to allow for the extra time it will take our cleaning operatives to bring the window back up to a high standard. We will make all customers fully aware of this should this be the case.
    • We understand that customers may need to reschedule because of access issues due to being away on holiday and we will work with you to try and maintain a regular service. If you have any concerns, please do contact us we try to be as flexible as possible to our customer’s needs.
  • We accept the following payments
  • Cash on the day of visit,
  • Cheque made payable to Bedford Window Cleaning via post or on the day of visit.
  • Online Payment by Bank transfer Please Quote the First Line of your Address
  • Go-Cardless payment

One-Off Service

    • One-Off service, if you only need to use our services once, please be aware that this will cost extra compared to a regular service as our first visit takes far longer than a normal clean.
    • However, if you decide to continue using our services, we will discount your second clean if this second clean is within 8 weeks of your initial visit and you sign up to a rolling cleaning service with us at an agreed frequency with no more than 8 weeks between visits.
    • Our One-Off service is a deep clean of all the windows frames and sills this is the same as the first clean service we do for new regular customers.
    • Payment for One-Off services is required on the day, before we leave your property. Please see our payments page for more information.
  • We accept the following payments
  • Cash on the day of visit,
  • Cheque made payable to Bedford Window Cleaning
  • Card Payment via Contactless/ApplePay/Chip and Pin/Magnetic Strip (We can accept all major card types)

Exterior Window Cleaning

We use an advanced schedule system called Jobber to plan all our visit. This system allows us to provide the best possible service from quotation through to delivering the service you need

How much does it cost?

Pricing all depends on the size and access to the property and the types of windows you have.

How do I get a quote?

For domestic properties, we are usually able to provide a quote by viewing your property, using Google Earth, and or street view. If your property cannot be quoted using this method, one of our team will be in touch to arrange a visit. Free No Obligation Quotation

How do I know when were due to visit?

Using Jobber, we are able to send an automated email reminder the day before your visit, this will then be followed by a automated text reminder later on the same day there will be a link in this message for you to confirm the visit. If there are any issues with the visit, you can simply respond to us by email.

How often do you visit?

we offer our services on a 4, 6 or 8 weekly basis.

How do we clean your windows?

BWC use Pure Water fed Window Cleaning technologies to safely clean your windows from the ground, using pure deionised water. We can deliver a longer lasting result than traditional methods on the exterior of your property.

Interior Window Cleaning

We offer an internal window cleaning service using traditional methods. You can have this as a oneoff service or set up a regular frequency to tie in with your exterior cleaning service. For example, if you had an eight weekly exterior, window clean, we would offer a 16 weekly interior service.

Window Tracks Cleaning

When most people think of interior window cleaning, they generally forget about the window tracks. these are generally tricky to clean and most with Window cleaners, don’t offer this service.

Using a combination of Hoovers, specialist traffic film remover chemicals and compressed air cleaning, we are able to remove any embedded dirt and debris, leaving them looking like new.

If you are looking for a quote for the service, please provide details about how many opening windows and doors you have, along with photos so we can gauge the level of cleaning required.

Conservatory Cleaning

Exterior Conservatory Roof CleaningConservatory

The great advantage of pure Water-Fed cleaning is it has multiple applications. We are able to safely clean the exterior of conservatory roofs, using this method to remove dirt and debris, to brighten your home.

Interior Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Often a tricky place to access and clean is the underside of your conservatory roof. This requires cleaning slightly less often than the exterior of your conservatory roof. We are able to clean using scaffold tower access/ low-level platforms, this enables us to deliver a safe and high standard service.

Fascia, Soffit & Gutter Wash-Down

Another great example of what Pure Water said, Cleaning can access is the cleaning of plastic UPVC, we are able to clean all of your facias and soffits from the ground using this method.

Commercial Window Cleaning

BWC has been delivering a tailored commercial window cleaning service to commercial clients across Bedfordshire and beyond. We primarily use telescopic water fed polls, which are made from ultra-modulus carbon fibre. This negates nearly all need for ladders while speeding up the cleaning process, this is not only safe, but far more efficient. We here at BWC are always looking to improve. We constantly invest in the latest window clean technologies and improve our own management processes to deliver on our core values.

To our commercial clients, we can offer the following types of cleaning:

Traditional Window Cleaning

Due to the nature of some windows, there is a need to use an approach that is fast and creates great results. Using a squeegee and an applicator while this is one of the most traditional ways of cleaning windows, has the following advantages:
  • Once the window has been scrubbed with an applicator and squeegeed dry and the operator has detailed the edges there is zero mess. This is why we use this method for 99% of all our internal cleaning and external cleaning on entrances and exit points to your premises.
However, there are some disadvantages:
  • Without the use of ladders, it is only really suitable for low-level work. This can be overcome with the use of MEWP access.
No matter what detergent you use to lift the dirt from the glass, there will always be a thin film left on the glass, which means that they don’t stay clean as long as Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Water-Fed Pure Water Window Cleaning

Using telescopic carbon fibre poles we are able to negate the need to use ladders to reach high-level external glass. This method is by far better than traditional window cleaning. The main advantages are:
  • No detergents are used, this means that as opposed to traditional cleaning there is no thin film of detergent left on the glass which attracts dirt. When cleaned with pure water the operator scrubs the window using the brush, the dirt from the window mixes with the pure water this dirty water now has to be rinsed off the glass so that what is left behind is a clean window with no dirt, we do this by rinsing with pure water to leave behind spot free. clean glass and frames once the last droplets of pure water have dried.
  • We can efficiently clean glass up to 8 Storeys to a higher standard than traditional cleaning.
  • All our operators are working from ground level, which means there is no need to climb up and down ladders this makes this far safer and faster which means we are less of an inconvenience to your business.
  • Ability to reach setback glass with the use of goosenecks and other attachments.
  • Faster cleaning than Traditional Window Cleaning a standard Water-Fed Brush is approximately 2x as fast as Traditional.
The only disadvantages of this system are:
  • It is not suitable for indoor work as there is nowhere for the water run-off to go.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Access.

When cleaning above 8 storeys or where there is no direct line of sight from the ground to the windows it may be necessary to use a cherry picker or scissor lift to get to the required height to clean. The advantages are:
  • For large sites, the use of MEWP equipment with our experienced operators can make this a cost-effective solution to use. From the platform we can use either Traditional or Water-Fed to clean the glass depending on the  access and height.
  • Ability to reach up to 90m (26 Storeys) + the reach of our equipment. (depending on the platform size we can safely clean unto a further 3 stories from a platform.
  • Overcome difficult access, ideal for roof lights where there is no man safe points to use fall arrest equipment on the roof or where roof access is not available.
  •  Faster than rope access.
  • For sites where there are only a small number of windows that are beyond our ground reach capability, it may not be a cost effective solution.