Repairs & Re-Pointing

Repairs & Re-Pointing Services

Repair & repointing service to improve your property’s appearance.


Overtime mortar can break down and it may need repairing this has several benefits:
  • Improving the structural integrity of your outer walls
  • Weatherproofing
  • Visual appearance
  • Value of your property
  • Maintaining character
We have experienced repointing teams that can provide a tailor service for your property from small repairs to full-scale re-pointing. We can ensure synthetic materials are use on your property in keeping with conservation areas are the requirements of your property. We can also provide the cleaning services to combine with this to ensure the best possible end result. We can remove efflorescence,  carbon staining and biofilm to truly, deliver a complete makeover of the exterior of your property. We can work with both Portland cement and lime mortar. We can also provide a colour match service for older Victorian properties using limetec high quality pre-mixed mortar, providing a consistent colour, to reduce any colour variation across your property.

Roof Pointing

Overtime, ridge tiles cable ends and verges breakdown, releasing gaps in the mortar scam. Make tiles loose, potentially allowing them to slip out of place. Enabling water ingress into your loft void. We offer a repair service to fix any broken tiles and re-bed them in place. The common areas we work on are:
  • Ridge tiles
  • Gable ends
  • Hips
  • Gullys


Overtime grouting on your patio may become cracked and may need repairing. We can offer complete repair of your patio, along with cleaning sealing and restoring. You’ll be amazed what are visual impact re-grouting a patio can have.

Gutter repairs

Often a leaky gutter is usually caused by being blocked. We offer a complete gutter clearance service. Click here to find out more. If, after clearance, there is still a leak or you know there is a leak with your gutter, then it may need repairing often. This is just a plastic seal that has shrunk, leaving a pass for the water to run free. BWC can identify and repair any Guttering issues we can also provide installation of new guttering if needed.

Bedford Window cleaning & Bedford Property Servives

Bedford Window Cleaning has forged a strategic alliance with Bedfordshire Property Services to provide an extensive suite of exterior maintenance services. Leveraging their family-run business ethos, Bedford Window Cleaning extends its expertise in window and home exterior cleaning to complement Bedfordshire Property Services’ maintenance offerings. 

Bedford Window Cleaning & Bedfordshire Property Services are trading names of Bedfordshire Property Services Ltd. This collaboration is designed to offer clients a holistic solution for their property upkeep, combining high-quality window cleaning with a broad range of property care services. The synergy between the two brands aims to deliver exceptional service, ensuring that every aspect of a client’s property is professionally maintained and presented at its best.