High-Level Cleaning

High Level Cleaning Services

High-reach vacuum tools and scaffold tower access

The Bedford Window Cleaning team has been providing a specialist cleaning service to customers across the UK.

Due to our extensive knowledge of various areas of the cleaning sector, this allows us to have a second to none advantage over our competitors. With experience in our background of exterior cleaning, high-level access, MEWP, PASMA and industrial cleaning we have decades of knowledge to be able to provide an unmatched cleaning service to our customers.

We bring this knowledge together to provide a tailored package to customers who often can’t find what we have to offer elsewhere. We have travelled all over the UK providing this service and it is a growing part of our service offering.

Using modern equipment like our Sky-Vac internal vacuums we are able to safely clean complex ducting, walls, fitments and other objects that would usually require access platforms to reach, we can clean these to a high standard from the safety of the ground. We have a great deal of experience cleaning at height, using our vacuums we can clear the dust and debris rather than brushing it around this removes the potentially hazardous to health dust particles from the air as all our machines have HEPA filters installed.

We also have ATEX Vacuums for sensitive environments where the risk of ignition is a serious consideration when caring out cleaning.  We have a vast array of experience across multiple work environments from schools to workshops, churches and community centres. Here are a few examples of the many jobs we have carried out.

St John’s Catholic Cathedral Portsmouth: High Level Cleaning and Delicate Cleaning

Our experienced team was asked if we could carry-out a deep clean of all of the high level areas in Portsmouth Cathedral, using a combination of our high-reach vacuum tools and scaffold tower access we were able to remove decades of dirt from this cathedral.

We were also tasked with cleaning the delicate surfaces such as the stain glass and the statues of the cross. Great care has to be taken when cleaning these items to ensure no damage as they are often irreplaceable. We used a combination of neutral PH based cleaning products and compressed air to safely remove the dirt and preserve the paint on the items. We also used specialist attachments for our vacuums which are able to access areas that would otherwise be off limits to traditional cleaning methods.

RAF Halton Workshops: High Level & Low level Deep cleaning

The workshops consisted of metal milling machines, wood cutting machines and welding equipment to manufacture bespoke items for the camps needs, however this created considerable amounts of wood, metal and other debris at all levels of the interior of the building.

Large buildups of debris presents a significant fire risk, using our tools we were able to safely removal all this, from the ground right up to the ceiling around space heaters and other high level ducting, and also in-between and around all the machinery to create a clean environment.

Biddenham Pavillion: High Level Cleaning

This building is used for a multitude of purposed but the main room has very high ceilings which have large wooden beams, these collect dust and cob-webs which we were able to efficiently vacuum away as well as vacuuming all of the wall and other fitments that cannot be reached by general cleaners. We were able to do this cleaning in a short time window between sessions that run in the community centre, with vacuuming there is less clean-up from disturbed debris.

Our service keeps the building looking clean for all the different local groups that use it.

Castle Newnham Middle School: High Level Cleaning

Consisting of two old school assembly halls that have large wooden intricate beams and lighting strips along the length of the ceiling, the client requested us to clean all surfaces above head height, we were able to do this using our high reach vacuums with special attachments, allowing us to remove the layers of dust.

With our background experienced in window cleaning were also able to clean the old style high level windows which were in need of some significant attention to bring them up to a good standard.

What We Offer

High Level Cob Web removal upto 80ft! With our Ultra-High Modulus telescopic poles we have the ability to reach and de-cobweb areas that would otherwise have been difficult to reach without the need for expensive access methods.

Due to their lightweight and high  rigidity we can accurately target specific areas.

Using our industrial Vacuum with carbon fibre extensions we can vacuums upto 40ft away from the operator, this reach can be extended with the use of MEWP or Access towers.

This is by far the most effective way of cleaning at high level, it is easy to deploy, can achieve great results in a short space of time allowing us to keep costs down.

Due to the delicate nature of some leaded glass and stain glass a very delicate non abrasive approach needs to be used to ensure that the glass is cleaned and restored to the highest standards.

We have extensive experience on working on glass of all types so you can rest assured that you in safe hands, we have full public liability insurance that covers us for working on glass and all our other services.

Due to the complexity of some internal cleaning tasks access to those hard to reach areas can be difficult.

Rest assured that the BWC team have the qualifications and experience to tackle such cleaning tasks.

Using either mobile scaffold towers or MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) or Cherry pickers/ Scissor lifts as some might call them.

Our operators are fully IPAF trained and have extensive experience on jobs requiring this type of access so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.