Commercial Window Cleaning

Here at Bedford Window cleaning, while we have diversified our service offering into various areas of specialist cleaning, we have built our company with Window Cleaning as our core service.

We have been in this industry since 2007, in that time were have tackled numerous cleaning challenges and learnt nearly all there is to know about how to tackle all manner of windows. We know how to tailor each and every approach to the needs of the customer, as there are different challenges at each and every site.

We primarily use telescopic Water-Fed poles which are made from ultra-high modulus carbon fibre, this negates nearly all need for the use of ladders, which means that our clients know that were using the safest possible method to clean your windows. Pure water window cleaning is not only safe but it is by far the most efficient method of cleaning glass. This is a benefit to our clients as we can reduce disruption and cost to your business.

We here at BWC take things one step further, we constantly invest in the latest innovation in window cleaning technology and our own management processes to constantly keep improving on our core values.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Core Values

Our main tools supplier is a company called Reach-IT which has been driving our industry by manufacturing innovative tools that not only increase the cleaning efficiency but are far more accurate for our cleaning operatives to use. We can confidently say using our water-fed poles we can clean up to 8 Storeys from the ground to a high standard.

Our vans are fitted with Brodex 650L baffled chassis mounted systems. These are safely installed in all our vehicles by the manufacturer, the tanks are fully crash tested which give us the confidence that all our operatives are safe when traveling to and from cleaning tasks.

Our window cleaning service is a complete start to finish package. Each of our clients have a dedicated single point of contact in which to liaise with for all matters relating to the service. We ensure that you are completely satisfied that all aspects of the task are completed before sign-off.
To be a professional company in the cleaning industry we believe that not only should we carry out all our cleaning services to a high standard but that all our cleaning operatives receive complete training and competency evaluation with our experienced operators. This ensures that our high standards are maintained by all our staff. We don’t use any un-trained agency staff or sub-contractors to carry our our services. Each and every member of our team has BWC branded clothing so that we always look smart and presentable when working around your business.

We use a state of the art Client Relationship Management system called Jobber. This ensures the entire customer experience from initial quotation through to each and every visit is planned and the client is aware when we are due.

Types of Window Cleaning we offer

Traditional Window Cleaning

Due to the nature of some windows, there is a need to use an approach that is fast and creates great results. Using a squeegee and an applicator while this is one of the most traditional ways of cleaning windows, has the following advantages:

  • Once the window has been scrubbed with an applicator and squeegeed dry and the operator has detailed the edges there is zero mess. This is why we use this method for 99% of all our internal cleaning and external cleaning on entrances and exit points to your premises.

However there are some dis-advantages:

  • Without the use of  ladders it is only really suitable for low level work. This can be overcome with the use of MEWP access.

No matter what detergent you use to lift the dirt from the glass, there will always be a thin film left on the glass, which means that they don’t stay clean as long as Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Water-Fed Pure Water Window Cleaning

Using telescopic carbon fibre poles we are able to negate the need to use ladders to reach high level external glass. This method is by far better than traditional window cleaning. The main advantages are:

  • No detergents used, this means that as opposed to traditional cleaning there is no thin film of detergent left on the glass which attracts dirt. When cleaned with pure water the operator scrubs the window using the brush, the dirt from the window mixes with the pure water this dirty water now has to be rinsed off the glass so that what is left behind is a clean window with no dirt, we do this by rinsing with pure water to leave behind spot free. clean glass and frames once the last droplets of pure water have dried.
  • We can efficiently clean glass up to 8 Storeys to a higher standard than traditional cleaning.
  • All our operators are working from ground level, which means there is no need to climb up and down ladders this makes this far safer and faster which means we are less of an inconvenience to your business.
  • Ability to reach setback glass with the use of goosenecks and other attachments.
  • Faster cleaning than Traditional Window Cleaning a standard Water-Fed Brush is approximately 2x as fast as Traditional.

The only disadvantages of this system are:

  • It is not suitable for indoor work as there is nowhere for the water run-off to go.
Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Access.

When cleaning above 8 storeys or where there is no direct line of sight from the ground to the windows it may be necessary to use a cherry picker or scissor lift to get to the required height to clean.

The advantages are:

  • For large sites the use of MEWP equipment with our experienced operators can make this a cost effective solution to use. From the platform we can use either Traditional or Water-Fed to clean the glass depending on the  access and height.
  • Ability to reach up to 90m (26 Storeys) + the reach of our equipment. (depending on the platform size we can safely clean unto a further 3 stories from a platform.
  • Overcome difficult access, ideal for roof lights where there is no man safe points to use fall arrest equipment on the roof or where roof access is not available.
  •  Faster than rope access.


  • For sites where there are only a small number of windows that are beyond our ground reach capability, it may not be a cost effective solution.

Health & Safety

Here at Bedford Window Cleaning we take Health and Safety into consideration in every task we do, we ensure that all our services are carried out with our personal safety and safety of others at the forefront of our minds.

We have full method statements and risk assessments to cover every service we offer, this are accessible by all of our customers when requested.

Before undertaking any cleaning a full risk assessment is carried out regardless of how small or big the job is.