Case Study: Kimberley College

Kimberley College, Wootton Academy Trust

  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Solar Blinds Cleaning
  • Internal High Level Cleaning

BWC have been working with Kimberley College providing exterior Window Cleaning Services for many years. The college was one of our first commercial clients back. When we started to date, we still carry out the exterior window cleaning, which presents some technical challenges.

The location of the college and its close proximity to Stewartby lakes means that the glazing is inundated with cobwebs and spiders and other insects, leaving excrement on the glazing. In order to remove this baked dirt, on the vast atrium glazing, we use special, deep, framed water, fed pole, brushes, and hot Pure Water to break down and remove this dirt and debris.

Another technical challenge presented on site are the sunblinds which require cleaning to remove biofilm buildup on annual basis. Using telescopic water-fed pole pressure, washing conversion kits. We are able to safely remove this build-up from the ground and low-level scaffold towers. Due to the soft ground heavy MEWP access is unsuitable. We provide a tailored solution to the needs of the college.

The atrium at Kimberley College is approximately 35 feet high which presents a cleaning challenge. Due to the suspended floor, we are unable to use MEWP access, so by using loads spreading floor protection boards and a customer Scaffold solution we are able to safely clean the glazing.
“insert photo of scaffold tower cleaning of glazing”